All You Need is Faith (Disney Roleplay)

All You Need is Faith (Disney Roleplay)

welcome to fate university, the school for all children of famous disney characters. a place for all people from any land. people from all legacies are welcome to join. now its your turn to create your legacy. whether you follow your own or follow your parents. heroes and villains are all welcomed. what will you do?
- must have a male audition for every female one
- no godmodding
- make sure you let the MOD and others know if you're gonna make a sibling
- the youngest a student can be is 18 the oldest is 24
-your character doesn't have to be with their "prince charming"
- double up please. A boy for every girl, and you can have as many characters as you can keep active
- put "Have faith" in your audition set to let me know you read the rules
- title audition set with a disney song title
rules after joining:
- 3 lines on descktop or 5 lines on mobile minimum when first commenting or making a set
- keep drama inside the roleplay (Let me know is somethings up)
- stay active! (Let me know if you're gonna leave or won't be as active)
- try and roleplay with everyone, so no one feels left out
- when commenting on a set, make sure to double.
- do not just comment on someone else's boy and not one of their girl's.
- be fair.
- if a set is unclaimed/uncommented on, then a MOD will tag someone random
- once tagged, must comment a minimum of five comments from the person we tagged (not total)
audition template: (yes auditions are still open)
student: http://www.polyvore.com/audition/template?id=1161383
roommate list:
Taglist @lets-cheer-to-this @shylagirl1229 @an-open-book @ldy-rhyn @adribenavides @charlielove-899 @angelgabs1996 @s0dap0p-curtis @micastevens18 @katetagt1 @gypsyoccult @emogirl2021 @fallenangelsnightmare @thesteampunkqueen @natasha-maree13 @greekmythgeek @heartless241 @roleplayqueen-325 @tianatrends19
(siblings are allowed! Let both the mod and the person who owns the character know first! No harm in asking)
- scott (anna and kristoff) FC:alex pettier @angelgabs1996

the little mermaid:
- cordelia (ursula) FC: kaya scodelario @an-open-book
- lana ludvigsen (ariel and eric)FC:emily rudd @adribenavides
- ophelia (attina) FC: chloe grace moretz @thesteampunkqueen
- sebastian fillet (scuttle, the seagull) FC: alexander ludwig @roleplayqueen-325

- mad maddock (Merida) FC: rupert grint @an-open-book

lion king
- mia lau (simba and nala) FC:bettine mcabe @micastevens

hunchback of notre dame
- caesar nikolai martínez (esmerelda and captain phoebus) FC:eduardo bernardi @micastevens
- zack duppond (qausimodo) FC: harry styles @katetagt1

beauty & the beast:
- rose de chagny (belle and adam) FC: emma watson @charlielove-899
- elodie (lumiere and babette) FC: bonnie wright @greekmygeek
-alexandre (lumiere and babette) FC: charlie rowe @greekmygeek
-gail legume (gaston) FC: sterling beaumon @tianatrends19

toy story:
- buzz lightyear (buzz and jessie) FC: dylan spray berry @charlielove-899
- emily pink (barbie and ken) FC: candace swanepoel @katetagt1

- sage forrest (tarzan and jane) FC: samuel larsen @shylagirl1229

snow white:
- jamie white (snow white and prince ferdinand) FC:kodi smit-mcphee @ldy-rhyn
- ramona white (snow white and Prince) FC: Adelaide Kane @s0da-p0p-curtis
- hunter mills (evil queen) FC: bob morley @shylagirl1229

- elliot charming (Prince charming and cinderella) FC:nicholas hoult @fallenangelsnightmare

- koda rolfe (pocahontas and john) FC: courtney eaton @ldy-rhyn

peter pan:
- haven hook (captain hook) FC: hailee steinfeld @shylagirl1229

lilo and stitch:
- leilani wahineokai (david and nani) FC: chloe bennet @shylagirl1229

the princess & the frog:
-daniel malta (naveen and tiana) FC:luke pasquiano @adribenavides

-annie malta (naveen and tiana) FC: victoria moroles @angelgabs1996
-chaos facilier (dr.facilier) FC: toni mahfud @shylagirl1229
-edourah ray (tiana and tiana) FC: china anne mcclain @tianatrends19

- jasper fitz (rapunzel and flynn) FC: grant austin @shylagirl1229
- theo fitz (rapunzel and flynn) FC: sasha pieterse @shylagirl1229
- jasper "J" gothel (mother gothel) FC: shawn mendez @roleplayqueen-325

sleeping beauty:
- ameria (maleficent) FC: kelsey nicole
- linus derougemount (aurora) FC:vini uehara @lets-cheer-to-this

nightmare before christmas:
- evangeline skellington (sally and jack skellington)FC: leda muir @emogirl2021
- fae(boogie) leeds (oggie boogie) FC: leighton meester @lets-cheer-to-this
- vic skellington (sally and jack skellington) FC: rick genest @lets-cheer-to-this
- riley lock (lock) FC: ian nelson @heartless241

- aries (hercules and meg) FC: anna kendrick @charlielove-899
- hank( hades) FC: cody christian @charlielove-899

-aaish far (jafar) FC: alfred enoch @crystalcat-pixel

alice in wonderland:
- kat hatter (mad hatter) FC:maria rondinella @emogirl2021
- scarlet red (red queen) FC:phoebe tonkin @shylagirl2021
- chance cheshire (cheshire cat) FC: tyler posey @thesteampunkqueen
- amorette red (red queen) FC:lucy hale @roleplayqueen-325

robin hood:
- darya hood (robin hood and maid marian) FC: astrid berges-frisbey @roleplayqueen-325


- li jian (mulan and li shang) FC: sehun @emogirl2021
- li huang (mulan and li shang) FC: wonwoo @emogirl2021
- shan xiu mei (shan yu) FC:malese jow @thesteampunkqueen

mary poppins:
- G poppins (mary and bert) FC: taron egerton @ldy-rhyn

big hero 6:
- kiko tomago (gogo) FC: suzy @fallenangelsnightmare

101 dalmations
- irina de vil (cruella de vil) FC: tori kelly @shylagirl1229

- eddie rydinger (violet and tony) FC: holland roden @ldy-rhyn

- onyx thatch (milo and kida) FC:cole sprouse @shylagirl1229

Monster's Inc:

- jameson michael boman (Boo) FC: brett dalton @charlielove-899

hocus pocus
- elora sanderson (sarah sanderson) FC:kathrine mcnamara @emogirl2021

tinker bell / fairy friends
- slate winkle (periwinkle) FC: lucky blue smith @s0da-p0p-curtis
- jonathan (tinkerbell and terrence) FC: isaac hempstead wright @thesteampunkqueen
- kylie bell "kyle" (Tinker Bell and Terrence) FC: allie deberry @crystalcat-pixel

pirates of the caribbean
- jojo sparrow (captain jack sparrow) FC: taylor momsen @lets-cheer-to-this
- willow swann turner (will and elizabeth) FC:aimee teegarden @charlielove-899

corpse bride
- demetri von dort (emily and victor vandort) FC: ash stymest @emogirl2021

halloween town
- salem piper (marnie piper-cromwell) FC: elizabeth gillies @emogirl2021

- kane piper (marnie piper-cromwell) FC; josh beech @emogirl2021

- evan east (wicked witch of the east) FC: aaron taylor johnson @charlielove-899

- cassie west (wicked witch of the west) FC: lily collins @heartless241

-Felicia "Lisa" (fiona and shrek) FC: Candice Accola @charlielove-899

What You Love..♥ ♥ ♥

What You Love..♥ ♥ ♥

Hey everyone! I want to know what you love!
Make a set for our CONTEST for a chance to WIN A FREE T-SHIRT!!

Luxury Lavender

Luxury Lavender

Please, join my group to share what we know about fashion, beauty, art and decoration.
Hope to see each and every of you all works! Share & grow together. Thanks!
Love xoxoxo......



This group is for extraordinary sets - extraordinarily well put-together, extraordinary for your style, or even just out-of-the-ordinary for Polyvore. Let us all enjoy the beauty we assemble - home, art, fashion, beauty, doll, album sets all welcome, and any I might have forgotten!
Please, no inappropriate material, including but not limited to, nudity, semi-nudity, demons, vampires, werewolves, or other dark creatures.
(Formerly EPIC!)




† Punk/ Emo †

† Punk/ Emo †

For Punk, Emo, Scene, Goth and Screamo lovers.

~The Weirdo's~

~The Weirdo's~

This is for the weird people, the ones who love black or the bright colors, the ones who don't care that there different. Different And Proud!
(There will be many contests! <3)



~Frequent contests~
Clothing and art creations express personality silently. Create and submit sets that convey messages you'd like to cast to the world.
*Please refrain from using any sexual content in your submitted sets or any content that may be triggering
~Note: I accidentally became the monitor of this group and have decided to take on the new experience. I love the aspects of the old group so no worries! I didn't come here to change anything!



Emo, scene, scemo, and gothic fashion.
For Screamo lovers
For the "out-cast", "rejects" and "misfits".
Here is somewhere where you can be and express your self however you want, with-out being judged...
Be You.
Be Creative.
A little bout' me. Im emo, scene, scemo, and goth, btw ^.^
I luv music nd skateboarding <3

~In ♥ With Fashion~

~In ♥ With Fashion~

Welcome to my first fashion group! I would like to invite you to join it. It'd be awesome if you could submit your sets, I'd happy to check them out! I'm making some contests all the time and you can win some prizes!
I hope we'll have a nice time. XoXo